We offer Quality Bespoke & Custom shirting and suiting for Women.

Utilizing 1000's of luxury fabrics from Italy, England and a few Australian mills, each bespoke suit is hand-made for our clients. Each styles is completely unique and has their own voice, No two suits or shirts are ever alike.  

We offer the option to choose from thousands of suiting and shirting fabrics from the finest mills around the world including Holland & Sherry, Zegna,  Ariston, Loro Piana just to name a few. The personalization process of your bespoke suit or shirt starts with styling options that go "as far as your imagination will take you."

We begin with understanding our client's needs, if there is an occasion in mind and what wishes might need to be explored.  Our suits are all hand-cut and bench-made with over 3000 hand stitches.  Full-floating chest canvas, hand padded lapels and hand stitched buttonholes are standard. Every suit requires at least 40 hours of pains taken skilled local labor to produce.

After measurements are taken, Buttons, Felt and lining are chosen. Our bespoke tailoring gives you full creative control over the fabric utilized, as well as the cut, color, and style of the suits you purchase. We give you the opportunity to make your clothing a true extension of yourself by being totally involved in the creative process to custom make the best fitting suit or shirt for your body type.

The first fitting takes place between five to six weeks later and there can be up to two additional fittings depending on the individual client.  At the final fitting, we are presented with the immaculate finished garment and a perfected pattern from which subsequent pieces can be made. This traditional, step-by-step process ensures excellent results and eliminates any room for errors. What's more, our alterations team is always on hand to quickly take care of any concerns as they arise.

If you have any questions about our  Bespoke, Custom Shirt or Suit services please call or email and we'll be more then happy to answer your questions. 

328 East 9th Street New York, New York 10003 

E-mail: info@heights-kenchi or call us (212) 470-7436.