Thank you for your hard work during this rough time! 🎉

Thank you for your hard work during this rough time! 🎉


The new Coronavirus has entered our lives pretty much out of nowhere, and now it’s one of the toughest challenges that our society has ever faced. Thankfully, essential workers are doing everything to save our society, and we are very grateful for that.

We know it’s not easy to risk your health and wellbeing for other people, all while risking your family’s health when you get home. That’s why we want to say a huge THANK YOU to every essential worker that still goes to his/her job right now in the midst of this pandemic.

  • Thank you to medical professionals for saving the lives of our loved ones and working overtime to assist family, friends and colleagues!
  • Thank you to grocery store clerks for helping maintain all stores open and stocking up everything so we don’t have to worry about lack of food or any item we need!
  • Thank you to police officers for keeping the streets and cities safe, for protecting us against any possible problems that can arise!
  • Thank you to firefighters for working non-stop and eliminating any fires as soon as they appear!
  • Thank you truck drivers for keeping the transport system alive, as we need it to acquire items and our food. Without you, every store would be closed!
  • Thank you to restaurant workers, you shifted to home deliveries and you are risking your lives for us while we stay at home waiting for the food we ordered!
  • Thank you to sanitation workers, we know that you are putting your lives at risk and you are constantly working with dangerous chemicals so we don’t have to!
  • Thank you to farmers, you are growing the high-quality food we need to survive during this pandemic! You are vital for the entire society and without you we would barely have something to eat!
  • Thank you to warehouse workers, you are handling packages and work very hard to ensure all items arrive at their destination fast.

And we also want to share a huge thank you for everyone in the community for doing their part. It’s important to help each other during these challenging times and we are sure that even the simplest things will make a huge difference. We are extremely grateful for all essential workers, and we know that without them life would not continue even the way it is right now!

With Love,
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