Buying a made to measure suit?

Buying a made to measure suit?


Here's Dollar Bills two cents.

From the novice to the expert suiting and shirting connoisseur we all know that there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to making a suit or shirt purchase.

Some of the more notable brands that are price point custom made suit retailers in Manhattan offer suits starting between $500 - $900 that seem to be the sweet spot for an introductory made to measure suit.

A shirt that is custom made to match a well modern style suit runs from $99 and up. You can always find the latest styles, yet the fabrication will not be as durable. However, if you're buying a $500 suit the quality and make may not be at the top of your list. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that decision just as long as you know what you're buying the suit for and what you're getting.

Then you have the brands that run slightly more in price and have better quality fabric but horrible customer service. These brands we won't even take the time to mention. We will just say it's a well-learned bad experience for any individual to endure.

So, not to get too off-topic, the question is what are you buying? The $200 - $500 suit gets you a great looking suit that won't last more than a year or two. Our Heights + Kenchi opening price point suit starting at $800 suit might a bit out the sweet spot range, but at least you know you're getting better quality fabric.


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After, you have been measured, selected your suit fabrics, trims & details. We'll talk you through every last detail. Then the making of the suit begins and a few weeks later your suits completed. But what happens if the suit comes back too small or too big? In most cases, the establishment offers a $75 or $100 credit towards any alterations that are needed, you one your own for the rest.

However, when adjustments are necessary from a tailor they usually cost well over $100. Sometimes the suit makers are willing to take the suit back, and you'll get a new one at that point some people feel a little too shy to ask for more alterations or adjustments if the suit is still not quite rite. Remember you should never feel uncomfortable in your suit. If the establishment tells you it has to be broken in, be aware your suit should fit first time out.

Sometimes we have seen similar issues with a detail or two not coming in 100% as a client requested. recently one of our clients had us remake a linen blazer of which he first got the half lining color wrong….he pointed it out we changed it. He was happy. Then he mentioned he wish he had requested a pen pocket. he brushed it off said it was no big deal. We took the jacket back and added the pocket at no cost. You get what you pay for and at $900.00 for a handmade blazer we had better come correct!

With this said, we do our best never to make anyone feel like you shouldn't ask for perfection. You're buying what we stand behind if its a bespoke blazer or one of our price points custom suits or shirts. Even though our prices start at $800, we guarantee that it's going to fit. We also emphasize if you feel the need to come back after you have worn the suit or shirt we will still stand behind it.

The initial process is somewhat similar when getting a made to measure suit.  We have the same initial process as other Made to Measure and Custom Suit companies. There is one small detail that always sets us apart, which is to inform and educate those interested in a custom suit. We NEVER rush you out just to make a sale. We work hard to guide you in making an adequate selection, feel good about your choice, and be confident to wear your custom suit anywhere. To reach this aim, we take the time to sit with you one-on-one and walk you through all the details to be sure that the result will be a satisfying one.

We are confident that you can do the selection yourself with the necessary deductions; however, we have what we call the clearing this is where our expert staff makes sure you’re 100% comfortable with a buying decision. We understand that when buying custom made suits in Manhattan that you have plenty of custom tailors NYC to choose. However, at Heights + Kenchi, we believe you’re making an investment.

Our clients' satisfaction is paramount and would like to bring forth an excellent customer rapport with you.